Patient testimonial: irritable bowel syndrome and fatigue

Thank you to my wonderful patient for this testimonial – it only took three sessions to get here. This patient was nervous to leave the house because of such unpredictable, unpleasant bowel symptoms, nervous to eat and had debilitating fatigue. Seeing the renewed energy, zest for life and joy is the most rewarding thing for me šŸ™‚ Keep eating well!

‘I can honestly say that going to see Dalia has changed my healthĀ for the betterĀ – It has given me my life back.
From not being able to get through the morning without having to have a sleep, I now have energy levelsĀ that enable meĀ to stay awake all day and live the life I had been missing out onĀ for years’
You don’t need to suffer. Even if the doctor says you are fine, if YOU don’t feel right, let’s fix it šŸ™‚

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