Fat dietitians?

Would you take advice from a dietitian who is visibly overweight? How would you feel being told about healthy ways to eat and how to conduct your lifestyle from a dietitian who him/herself is not appearing to manage their own weight? The article below is very thought provoking. It is an issue which comes up repeatedly – many of my dietetic lecturers were overweight, if not obese and I have to admit it triggered a lot of inner conflict in me and my fellow students. But maybe this is where the split between dietitians and nutritionists begins to happen…more on that later. Read the article, let me know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Fat dietitians?”

  1. This is interesting. Personally id find speaking to someone overweight about weightloss frustrating; I’m looking for a realistic way of eating- if you cant manage it, it must be unmanageable. Perhaps wrongly id be looking at them for inspiration as well as knowledge and motivation. I guess it would make me feel… Uninspired and demotivated, although I may not question the knowledge. Strangely if I went to someone for medical advise it wouldn’t concern me so much, I’m not sure why. Maybe I would believe them more- I have no visual to tell me otherwise and wouldn’t find the situation contradictory.


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