Hotel Chocolat’s Dietary Map and Me :-)

Most of us know people with dietary restrictions; whether from choice or health conditions, approximately one in three people need to be wary of certain ingredients in their food. Hotel Chocolat were encountering this with many of their customers so asked me to author a dietary map for them. As of today, the dietary map can be found in their shops to help you make a wise choice for yourself, or as a gift, when buying chocolate. This applies to whether you’re vegan, lactose free, paleo, sports person, low carb, diabetic and so on. If you don’t frequent their shops you can find information on their website here (and order online):

Remember, the more cocoa chocolate has, the healthier it is. I love working with Hotel Chocolat because they very much embrace their self named principle of ‘more cocoa, less sugar’. You can even find 100% cocoa slabs. I hope, if you are a customer, that the dietary map helps you a lot.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂

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